Community Engagement

As part of its Regional Program, Tura has been taking art music programs to remote communities and regional centres, across the Northern Territory, and the Kimberley and Pilbara regions in Western Australia, since 2001.

Collaborating with local artists and working closely with schools and community organisations, Tura’s Touring Program is powered by connection. Over time, we have built strong relationships and delivered world-class music programs to communities that may never otherwise have experienced anything like it.

As a result of long-lasting relationships built over many years, Tura’s Regional Program enables, engages, inspires and connects communities through Australian sound, its undeniable sense of place, and the cultural and artistic exploration of it. The unique works we create are our collective story.

Immersion in creative exploration with Tura’s programs inspires a sense of pride, belonging and confidence.

Tura is different in how we approach our Regional Program, especially in remote communities. Our work connects cultures and the many threads of art music to create unique sound and cultural experiences.

Our aim is to work alongside Aboriginal artists and communities to establish contemporary Australian music and sound art in and of the place where it is created.

Kimberley Echoes Touring Program

Kimberley Echoes is the result of five years of development and regional and remote touring in Australia’s North-West region. The program promoted collaboration and direct involvement with the musicians by participants and audiences. Through the music outreach programs the touring artists engaged directly with individuals and groups in the communities, encouraging direct interaction with the musicians and provides access, involvement and active participation with music.

As well as public concerts, The Regional Tour’s community engagement included school and community workshops and presentations.

The Program makes a significant contribution to the social, cultural, educational and community lives of people living in regional centres and remote communities of northern Australia.

Regional Impact

Over 2,500 people participate directly, through workshops and collaborations, in Tura’s Regional Program each year. Over 5,000 people attend a Tura regional program event each year and over 150,000 people nationally and internationally experience outcomes of the Regional Program through TV, radio and online broadcasts. Over 40% of Regional Program touring artists are Aboriginal, all are nationally and internationally renowned artists.

“ The Tura Program not only mentors and models cross-cultural collaborations but provides powerful opportunities to empower local artists and performers.” – Cathy Cummins Waringarri Aboriginal Arts (Kununurra, WA)

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