Joe Talia

Joe Talia is an Australian drummer, composer and record producer/engineer based in Tokyo, from where he performs and works around the world. This is Joe’s first time in the Kimberley as part of the Narli Tour sharing his expertise and passion with community.

He first established his reputation as a drummer in contemporary jazz and improvised music fields. In the last few years a great deal of his work has taken place alongside outsider singer-songwriters (such as Ned Collette, Yuko Kono and Francis Plagne), in groups which synthesize his adventurous, exploratory drumming with the demands of song form.

Talia also works in the realm of electro-acoustic composition and performance, working with reel-to-reel tape machines and other analogue devices. Following the release of his musique concrete suite in/exterior in 2006, he established a duo with composer James Rushford.